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Deviantart originally started as a place for me to have fun with my art, so expect to see a lot of fan art posted here. A lot of my work is digital, but I also enjoy making traditional art from time to time. I also attempt to make animations/gifs (see the word attempt there). I don't really post much artwork here anymore, but recently I've started to upload writings/reviews, which I'm trying to improve on. I hope to make more artwork to post again in the near future. I'm fairly easy to get along with, so if you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to message me.

Activity Don't buy from them.

Normally, I wouldn't do this, however I feel I should spread the word about my recent experience with them.

Threadless is site that supports artists. They print custom t-shirt designs that are actually very cool (a bit pricey in my opinion), but I figured since there are plenty of artists here on dA I should give people a fair warning, as there is a good chance that some of you may have considered purchasing from or doing business with them.

November 28th (Black Friday) they had a big sale, so I placed an order consisting of 4 shirts, which included a Christmas gift. I received only 1 shirt so far (unfortunately, this one was for me and not a gift). December 11th, I received an emailing stating they were behind on orders and that the rest of my order should be shipped early this week. It's now almost fucking Friday and the other 3 shirts have yet to be shipped! Christmas is in a week and there's no way I'm getting the gift in time! I have messaged them twice about canceling my order and refunding me, still waiting for them to get back to me. 

I don't have a facebook page, however you can read all of the negative comments from a shitload of people on their facebook who are having the same exact problem. They don't have any notice on their website that orders are being delayed (you'd think they would post that to inform others that are considering placing orders - that would be the decent fucking thing to do). Also, did I mention they actually charged my credit card within a couple of days of my purchase (November 28th) for the t-shirts that haven't even been shipped, that was 3 weeks ago and processing time was only supposed to take 10 days at most! 

This was my first experience shopping with them and it will also be my last. I guess this means I'm going out Christmas shopping again this weekend for a last minute gift that I should have had by now. 
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and I get too much pleasure out of it sometimes. :P

We have newer neighbors living behind us now and they happen to have a few children...bratty children that can't stay in their own yard, and of course the parents are never outside keeping an eye on them. These kids keep coming up into our yard, playing in our trees and bushes, coming up to our fence when our dogs are outside and tormenting them. My mom planted a small tree out back too and she's trying to get it to grow, and three times now these kids knocked it completely over, roots and all. My mom even said something to them, and she's yelled at them a few times to stay away from our fence and dogs - my mom is not intimidating in the slightest though, so of course they haven't listened.

So, my dad gave me an idea. I went outside, picked up all the dog shit and spread it all over the back yard around our bushes and trees, especially the little tree they keep knocking over. And I got a lot of joy out of doing it too! I hope those little brats come playing around our yard again, and I hope one of them falls face first into a big pile of dog shit! 
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that one changes over time, and things that I once enjoyed and made me happy I no longer care much about. It's kind of a shitty feeling. But, I suppose I'm not exactly the same today as I was a few years ago, and I really shouldn't be all that surprised.

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