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Deviantart originally started as a place for me to have fun with my art, so expect to see a lot of fan art posted here. A lot of my work is digital, but I also enjoy making traditional art from time to time. I also attempt to make animations/gifs (see the word attempt there). I don't really post much artwork here anymore, but recently I've started to upload writings/reviews, which I'm trying to improve on. I hope to become inspired to make more artwork to post again in the near future. I'm fairly easy to get along with, so if you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to message me.

You can also find me on Tumblr (I come and go there) if you're interested. However, I don't really post artwork there, it's mostly just for metal and horror related stuff, and other nonsense.


It's October and Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, so naturally I have been watching a lot of movies and Halloween specials and picking some at random to review and talk about. I considered reviewing quite a few Tim Burton films, since a lot of his movies have that Tim Burton gothic atmosphere and are great for this time of year. However, I was having a hard time choosing just one or two to review, so to save myself some time I thought I'd do a top 5 list of my favorite Burton films. I am only including films on here that he directed, so The Nightmare Before Christmas will not be on here - I do love the film and it's great for Halloween, but he did not direct it.
Now that I got that out of the way, let's begin.

5. Batman (1989) - Probably not the most appropriate Burton film for Halloween, but it is one of my favorites, so it's on this list. This is my favorite Batman film. Period. Christopher Nolan's Batman films have things about them that I like, but I find Burton's more entertaining and I've also been a fan of this one since I was a kid. Also, Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman and Jack Nicholson was born to play the Joker, and neither Christian Bale or Heath Ledger have been able to change my mind about that.

4. Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Not really an accurate film adaptation of the Washington Irving story, but a pretty good film in it's own right. I love the atmosphere and look of the movie, and while it may not be scary or tense for a horror film, it's still fun and great for Halloween. Also, Christopher Walken as the headless is horseman is one of the best things ever!

3. Ed Wood (1994) - This comedy biopic is critically acclaimed, but not a film that I see enough self-proclaimed Burton fans talk about much, which needs to be fixed because it's easily one of his best movies. Johnny Depp is great in the film as the b-movie director, as is Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi. The rest of the supporting cast is great, which includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Murray, Jeffrey Jones, etc. This is just an all around fantastic and entertaining film, and if you're a Burton at all and haven't seen it, I urge you to seek it out.

2. Frankenweenie (2012) - The full length, stop motion animated remake of his own 1984 short film is easily the best film that he has directed in years. The visuals and the animation are typical Burton style, similar to films like Corpse Bride, and the Burton produced The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. The film looks great and the animation is stellar, the characters are likable, and there's some dark humor present here. Overall, this movie has a lot of charm to it, and is likely to tug at the heartstrings of anyone that has ever had and loved a pet.

1. Beetlejuice (1988) - Not only my favorite film of Burton's, but also one of my favorite films of all time. Unlike many films from my childhood, Beetlejuice is one of a handful that has held up really well over the years and one that I enjoy just as much now as I did then. The performances from the cast, especially Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most, are excellent. Every character here is unique and memorable, I love the special effects and visuals, and Beetlejuice is just such a fun movie that will never get old to me.
Please Note: I will not be comparing this film to the novel since I have not read the novel...yet, perhaps one day. I will also not be comparing it to other Dracula films (I may review other ones at some point), as I try to judge any movie as it's own thing no matter how many versions of it there may be.

Count Dracula is a household name to pretty much everyone. If you've never read Bram Stoker's novel, seen any film adaptation, or have never even seen any sort of spoof, portrayal, or rip-off of the character of any kind, you must either be really young or living under a rock! The character of Dracula has become a pop culture icon that is guaranteed to live on forever. This is a story that has been retold time and again, and a character that has been played by numerous people on film including Christopher Lee, Klaus Kinski, Bela Lugosi (arguably the most popular portrayal), and in this 1992 version, Gary Oldman.

The film begins with Dracula leaving his wife behind to go into battle against the Turks, she receives a false message stating that Dracula has been killed and shortly after she chooses to end her own life. Dracula returns only to find his beloved wife dead and her soul damned for committing suicide. He then renounces God, stabs the cross with his sword which begins to bleed, drinks the blood and declares that he will rise from the grave after death. More than 400 years later, Jonathan Harker (played by Keanu Reeves) must travel to Transylvania to meet with Dracula, as he is now his client, to close a sale on properties that the Count has purchased. Only then does Dracula see a photograph of Harker's soon to be wife, Mina (played by Winona Ryder), who Dracula believes is his own wife reincarnated.

For anyone who is not familiar with this film at all, it should be a bit obvious by my short description of the film's set-up that this adaptation is more of a romance story than anything else (something that a lot of people were not happy about apparently). Yes, there are still horror elements, such as the creepy gothic atmosphere, gore, and some pretty cool creature effects. However, Dracula is not quite the cold-blooded monster that many people may be hoping for. He does still have his sinister and creepy qualities for sure, but this film also makes this character out to be more of an anti-hero, as opposed to being just a villain.

Visually, the film is absolutely stunning! The set designs, costumes, atmosphere, and use of shadows (particularly Dracula's shadows during the castle scenes) are all pretty fantastic. The creature effects in the movie are top-notch and some of the best I've seen in this type of film.

The biggest problem that I have with the film is the acting. The acting really is a mixed bag here. Winona Ryder gives a mediocre performance; I've seen her in other films and I know she can do better. Keanu Reeves is god awful with his horribly fake accent and his occasional departure into "Bill and Ted" mode. Most of the supporting cast is about the same as Ryder. The only actors in the film that actually give decent performances are Gary Oldman as Dracula and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing, and even then their performances can be a little over the top at times. That being said, out of all of the Dracula performances I've seen, Gary Oldman's is probably my favorite (of course that could change in the future).

Overall, this is a pretty entertaining film that looks fantastic, and I could seriously watch it over and over for that reason alone. It certainly has some flaws and if you're a diehard fan of the novel it will probably piss you off. This really does seem to be a love it or hate it movie, but I would recommend it to just about anyone for the visuals alone. Even someone that may not care much for horror films could possibly find themselves engrossed in the love story here, or captivated by the production design and effects.  

Overall Rating::skull::skull::skull::skull: out of :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

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